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Specification of MINIMALIST DOOR WPC

Understanding WPC Duma Doors:
WPC DUMA DOOR, namely minimalist house door Wooden replacement door with a natural motif, the door does not expand shrinkage, even though it is in a damp area, termite door, is perfect for your latest building. The doors are made of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC), which is a combination of wood powder and plastic seeds. This is because in a modern and more advanced era like now there are many creative hands of the nation's children who make a form of House Doors or Unique and comfortable building doors for use that follow the shapes of Minimalist Door Designs, Modern Door Designs or Simple Door Designs with modern materials instead of wood. This WPC DUMA door provides its own strength and beauty with polymer durability. not easily damaged and has a texture of color and motifs like doors like wood.
WPC Duma Door Function:
As explained earlier that the definition of a door is a place to enter and exit a place or function of a building and its existence is a medium that is very necessary as a link. Therefore, it can be concluded that the function of the door is basically a link between spaces permanently. function, the door also functions as a guard of privacy in the security of a home.
Advantages of WPC Duma Doors:
• Durable, because of ANTI Termites
• Waterproof, can be used as a bathroom
• Easy to clean
• Easy to install
• Can be finished in ducco / laminating / water base
• Size and motif can be custom
WPC Duma Door Specifications:
 Height: 190 - 280 cm
 Width: 60 - 92 cm
 Layer thickness: 0.3 (ECO), 0.5 (STD) and 0.8 (DLX)
 Overall thickness: 3.8 cm
 Standard and custom sizes are available at the customer's request.
 There are 3 types of layer types available. Economy 3mm, Standard 5mm and Deluxe 8mm,
 The same installation treatment as wood. Can be nailed put together painted etc.There are several important things for the WPC DUMA DOOR, namely:
 Avoid direct sunlight
 Place it in a flat and flat place
 Keep away from sources of heat or fire and sharp objects
 Avoid the risk of impact or overload
 The paint painting and drying process must be carried out in the room
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